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Global Fake News

Global Fake News

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What makes news real or fake? Who creates fake news, why, and how does it spread? And how do answers to those questions vary over time and around the world? This lecture series takes a global perspective to understanding truth and falsehood in the media and their effects on societies and on international relations. From the philosophy of BS to the history of propaganda, I bring together a wide range of sources and disciplines to consider fake news as a political tool, a side-effect of the social organization of news making, a product being sold to consumers, and either a threat to or an inescapable aspect of democracy.


I originally created this series in Fall 2020 for the course Global Fake News at Indiana University-Bloomington's Department of International Studies.

"The New(s) Gatekeepers: Social Media’s Impact on Journalism in Developing Countries"
April 13, 2021
IU Digital Ethics Project & Center for International Media Assistance

This video explains why and how governments slow down internet speeds to curb dissent and unrest, and how these slowdowns impact news media and citizens’ access to information. The Indian government’s internet policy in the region of Jammu and Kashmir offers a case study.

Internet Governance and Journalism

A four-part explainer video series for the Indiana University Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies, European Journalism Centre, and Center for International Media Assistance

Information Laundering &

Globalized Media


"News Fixers and International Perceptions of Turkey and Syria"
Center for the Study of the Middle East
Indiana University - Bloomington
February 5, 2020


Inside Turkey's Media Crackdown

A Place For Film

A Place For Film

Seeing Between Worlds



Nobody Knows How Many Have Died in the Turkey-PKK Conflict


Scenes from a participatory game

of international journalism

Held at Google NYC, December 2017

Tehran Bureau

Tehran Bureau

The Long Wait for Iran's Refugee Journalists

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